Nestled in the heart of ‘Iao Valley

Mahina Farms is a Hawaiian family farm and cultural space dedicated to cultivating plants and experiences that nourish the body and spirit.

About Mahina Farms

The Beginning

Mahina Farms was first a dream of Bob and Tamara when they were living across the island in Ha‘ikū who began growing laua’e ferns for landscaping back before they had kids. As the years went on the family moved to ‘Īao Valley and together with their growing interest and dedication to Hawaiian culture Mahina Farms took on its next evolution.

A River Runs Through It

Now in ‘Īao valley with the Wailuku river bisecting our property, new life and new ideas came to our family. The desire to create cultural gardens, grow Polynesian food crops, and shape spaces for the active perpetuation of traditional and innovative cultural practices emerged. We wanted a place where practitioners, everyone from hula dancers to martial artists to those who study the environment, could find a refuge in the valley. We wanted a place where we could grow food for our family and our extended ‘ohana. We wanted a place where we could make things from the trees and materials already on the property that serve a function in our everyday lives.

We wanted a place where people could come and discover more about Hawaiian culture, food, wisdom, and specific traditions that gave them a better understanding of Hawaii, Hawaiians, themselves, and our place in the world.

We are creating that place.

Experience Mahina Farms

We’re constantly working on new ways to get you here, whether it’s a cultural workshop, dinner event, or something else we have in the works. Click on one of the links below to see how you can come and experience our ‘āina with us.

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