MAHINA FARMS coffee is so local you can taste the Mana. Its by far the best brewed coffee I've ever had the pleasure of tasting! I highly recommend it to our customers that ask about our local Hawaii retail coffee beans. Megan Kanekoa, owner, Wailuku Coffee Co.

This original variety of coffee offers the crisp, soft floral tones reminesent of the Iao Valley with mild acidity and a light finish. An Ideal first cup for a smooth start to your morning. Rich and Susan Sato, coffee connoisseur

“As an avid coffee drinker of over 25 years, I am always on the lookout for a gourmet coffee that stands out above the rest. A really good cup of coffee is aromatic and doesn’t leave a sharp after taste in your mouth. I was glad to know that I didn’t have to leave Wailuku to get it! A friend told me that Horcajo family had grown their own coffee right in the foothills of Wailuku and it was now available at Wailuku Coffee Co. so I got my hands on a bag. I love it. I’m still not sure if I am willing to share it though, I think friends and family will just have to have the “other” stuff, I’m going to hide the Mahina Farms coffee for myself! “  Teri Edmonds, If The Shoe Fits, Wailuku, Maui

I must say, that the first thing that I noticed was the aroma. Great aroma! Dark coffee with nice mild taste and NO after taste or rancidity!
Donna Gomes

Mahina Farms was originallly established in 1981. After purchasing our property in Peahi in 1978 and completing our home in 1980, we knew we wanted to do something agriculturally so we propogated lauae ferns. However, with both of us working in town and having a child, over time it became evident we needed to move to a more central location. As our Peahi property had an year round stream and a waterfall, it seemed a pipe dream to find similar property in Central Maui but that was our commitment to each other. As luck would have it, we purchased 15 acres in Iao Valley along Iao Stream with a waterfall to boot.

 Today, Mahina Farms sits on 37 acres in Iao Valley. With Iao Stream in the middle and Iao Valley hillsides to the north and south, it has its challenges, but such is life. The farm is certainly a work in progress and many lifetimes of work but we feel blessed to be a part of and to be able to add our energy to the valley.

While our goal is that Mahina Farms becomes a cultural resource for indigenous plants and practices, what was always here in abundance was the coffee plants. So finally in 2011, we decided to get the expertise and focus on what we have, 100% Maui Grown Coffee.

As we grow, we hope you grow with us!      Bob and Tamara Horcajo



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